Remodeling and Renovation Work


LBC International offers complete turn-key solutions for the remodeling and renovation work of residential and commercial properties. Our company has the tools, knowledge, and experience to design and create the space you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and passion for all that we do. We put our full attention into every job we undertake, no matter the size or scope.

“Our painters grew up doing some landscaping and painting houses and that kind of thing.”

what it includes:

  • Turnkey extensions, additions, and remodeling services.
  • Complete renovation services for any facilities.
  • Planning, design, and approvals.
  • Tiles and stone fixing and replacement.
  • Roofing and ceiling replacement or fixing.
  • Internal and external walls painting or wall paper fixing.
  • Plumbing and drainage replacement.
  • Electrical works and HVAC works.
Remodeling and Renovation Work
Remodeling and Renovation Work
Remodeling and Renovation Work
Remodeling and Renovation Work

Home Remodeling and Renovation Work

Are you looking to increase the property value of your home ahead of a sale? or closing on a house you can’t wait to make your own, chances are there’s a renovation or remodeling project in your future? The key to the renovation of your house on the budget yet beautifully is primarily to plan the entire process effectively. You are at the Best website on the internet. LBC Building Contracting is here to help. We tap some of our most trusted remodeling and renovation work sources. We do remodeling for both home and commercial. We give the best solution for renovation of house/building and work with 100% satisfaction of the client.


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Before deciding to start a renovation, we have to think about whether it’s needed or if there are alternatives. Is the office space in its current condition not surviving for the business goals anymore? Is there a lack of satisfaction and productivity visibility of employees?